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East Cornwall Harriers is a very friendly club which welcomes runners of all abilities. The club has the following weekly sessions, which all go from Liskeard Sports and Social Club, Lux Park Sports Centre, Liskeard, unless otherwise stated.

Training Schedule
25 Sep
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Social Events/Races
25 Sep
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Follow a meeting last evening of our club committee it is with considerable regret that we have decided to cancel the running of this year's Mob Match.

It is not a decision taken lightly as we had already booked the venue, applied several weeks ago for the road closure, sourced a technical "T" as the memento (on the basis that the race would possibly be the only or one of a few races this year) and carried out extensive risk assessments with various scenarios for the event on the day.

Having done all of this however we are still very concerned with regards to the "uncertainty" of holding events with large gatherings (our paramount concern is the safety of those competing and spectating) even under current guidelines which 15 weeks from now could be better or worse. Equally, but to a lesser degree, we have to consider the cost involved and also the current situation regarding the issuing of race licences and arranging suitable first aid cover-several organisations are not prepared to commit that far in advance.

We therefore felt that we should be in control of making the decision rather than be forced to do so due to circumstances beyond our control.

Harrier of the Month.........

Well done to Judy Gluyass for being voted Harrier of the Month for July 2020. Judy has progressed superbly since becoming a harrier. This month, with her 1 mile challenge and a great improvement. Well done Judy

The mile time trial league - Round 2 of 4

Quick reminder - you can still join in, just let Chris U know about this, so you get a handicap. ALSO these time trials will be used for the next club handicap race.

(Round 2 of 4 - Points are percentages - use your NEW handicap to beat by 16th August - any points/times look wrong, let me know)

Pos Name Points New handicap

1 Simon Coley 18 07:13

2 Judy Gluyas 15 07:58

3 Lyndsey Saunders 11 08:11

3 Mark Andrews 11 07:35

5 Craig Vaughnley 8 06:44

5 Marcus Wills 8 05:26

7 Gail Cory 7 08:19

7 Matt Davies 7 05:46

9 Ray Goodright 6 08:15

9 Deb Phillips 6 09:56

9 Lucy Oldham 6 07:45

12 Sarah Steed 5 08:23

12 Helen Morse 5 06:42

12 Ian Crowle 5 06:47

12 Aimee Turpie 5 06:56

12 Steven Sims 5 04:59

17 Arron Crowle 4 05:40

17 Leza Wall 4 07:49

17 Glenn Wood 4 07:02

20 Rhian Moxham 3 08:31

20 Nick Page 3 08:26

20 Chris Ullman 3 06:01

20 Jane Deary 3 08:39

20 Louise Littlewood 3 06:47

20 Hayley Marriott 3 07:05

26 Laurie Thrift 2 06:25

26 Ali O'Hora 2 08:12

26 Julie Frith 2 06:59

26 Nikki Pritchard 2 08:56

26 Kim Crowle 2 08:18

26 Darren Harvey 2 05:27

32 Revis Crowle 1 06:25

32 Sarah Marsh 1 08:31

34 Georgie Brown 0 07:31

34 Darren Arulvasagam 0 08:20

34 Shane Caughey 0 05:59

34 Liam Gallantry 0 05:26

34 Oli Jones 0 05:29


The Westward Cross Country dates were discussed at the Zoom AGM last Monday. Obviously they are all provisional at present.

Sunday 11th October - Central Park Plymouth

Sunday 8th November - Newquay Sports Centre - includes the Cornwall Cross Country Championships

Sunday 6th December - Exeter Arena - includes the Devon Cross Country Championships

Sunday 14th February - Redruth School

Sunday 28th February - Stover School, near Newton Abbot

There will be a sixth fixture but this one still has to be confirmed, as fixture at Westward Ho will not take place next season. Will update you about this one later.

Summer Turkey Trot - Wednesday 7 July 2021


We are hugely disappointed to inform you all that the Trevornick 10K is cancelled for 2020. Also that Cubert 5 is cancelled for 2020. After long discussions including with National Trust we have delayed the decision as long as possible but we are sadly unable to hold the races with the present restrictions in place . For those who entered Trevornick 10k earlier in the year details of postponement/refund are posted on the Trevornick10k Facebook page.

Primary Schools Cross Country League Final Results

The final results for the Primary Schools Cross Country League are now up on the web site and have been emailed to schools. You can find them at:

Erme Valley virtual 5k

Erme Valley Virtual 5k results...

First off individual performances, Oli Jones ran the 27th fastest leg & Doug Stacey the 29th fastest.

Team Speedy Gonzalez - 11th (4th in MV40)

Team Road Runner - 13th (8th M Senior)

Team Tasmanian Devil - 16th (9th M Senior)

Team Carry on Matron - 33rd (1st FV45)

Team Nurse Gladys - 36th (2nd FV45)

Team Wile E Coyote - 44th (1st MV60)

Team Carry on Nurse - 45th (3rd FV35)

Team Dash - 49th (9th MV40)

Team Looney Tunes - 51st (5th MV50)

Team Nightingale - 56th (2nd FV55)

Team Angels - 58th (4th FV35)

Team Nurse - 60th (5th FV35)

Cornish Marathon 2020 - Cancelled

It is with great regret that East Cornwall Harriers have had to take the decision to cancel the 2020 Cornish Marathon scheduled fot 1st November. Of course by then the situation may have changed, but unfortunately not necessarily for the better. It must be accepted that since the arrangements have to be out in place from now, and cannot be left until the last minute, we have no option. The safety of competitors, officials, marshals and volunteers must come first.

We also appreciate that for such an event a lot of training and planning is required by entrants so we felt that as much notice as possible should be given.

We sincerely apologise for the disappointment, look forward to welcoming everyone to Cornwall for our great race in 2021.

Take care and keep running.

Rob Pick (Chair) & Louise harding (Race Director), East Cornwall Harriers


The Treggy 7 committee met the other night to make a final decision on Treggy 7 Race this year. Unfortunately we do not see how we can put the race on maintaining safety for runners and volunteers and so we have made the unfortunate decision to cancel this years race. All entries are being carried forward automatically. If anyone has any questions regarding their entry please ask them to contact Next years race is scheduled for 5th September 2021.

Many Thanks

Adrian Brown

Launceston Road Runners


After the latest competition suspension to the end of July I am afraid that the RATs Committee have decided to cancel this year’s Pirate Run. Realistically we cannot see social distancing being abandoned by early September. If there is any form of social distancing required there is no way the race can be held. You cannot race the Coast Path and socially distance. We have also debated whether to cancel of defer and reluctantly decided to cancel. The race route can be substantially treacherous to run later in the year and we certainly could not guarantee it will be fit to race over. Reluctantly we have decided we will not try and hold a race this year but plan to come back better than ever in 2021.

Best wishes

Phil Aldis

Pirate Run Race Director



Erme Valley Virtual relays Mens teams

Erme Valley Virtual relays mens teams

ECH Tasmanian Devil (Senior)

Cadan Crowle; Matt Davies; Marcus Wills; Shane Caughey

ECH Road Runner (Senior)

Arron Crowle; Liam Gallantry; Darren Harvey; Ben Harding

ECH Speedy Gonzalez MV40)

Craig Vaughnley; Chris Ullman; Oliver Jones; Doug Stacey

ECH Dash (MV40)

Jon Tourell-Harris; Marc Doyle; Mark Turner; Mike Egginton

ECH Looney Tunes (MV50)

Simon Coley; Nick Page; Jim Lockyer; Glenn Wood

ECH Wile E. Coyote (MV60)

Ian Crowle; Laurie Thrift; Mark Andrews; Rob Pick

Each runner must complete a 5K course at any time between Friday 3rd July and Sunday 5th July.

Times must be measured by strava / other running app and evidence returned to by 18:00 July 5th (I have to forward on all the teams results and proof by midnight so please make it easy for me!).

Results will be based on "time elapsed" rather than "moving time”.

Routes with significant negative elevation should not be used. Point to point is allowable. No more than 3 laps permitted.

Erme Valley virtual relays ladies teams

ECH Carry on Matron (FV45)

Revis Crowle; Jenny Nash; Di Roy; Sharon Daw

ECH Carry on Nurse (FV35)

Meeta Nicholls; Cheryl Hanns; Hayley Stacey; Leza Wall

ECH Nurse Gladys (FV45)

Hayley Marriott; Louise Littlewood; Julie Frith; Emily Young

ECH Angels (FV35)

Lucy Oldham; Kim Crowle; Charlotte Bunt; Rhian Moxham

ECH Nightingale (FV55)

Judy Gluyass; Liz Egginton; Jane Deary; Jane Lockyer

ECH Nursey (FV35)

Lyndsey Saunders; Sarah Marsh; Sarah Steed; Jeanette Turpin

Times must be measured by strava / other running app and evidence returned to by 18:00 July 5th (I have to forward on all the teams results and proof by midnight so please make it easy for me!).

Results will be based on "time elapsed" rather than "moving time”.

Routes with significant negative elevation should not be used. Point to point is allowable. No more than 3 laps permitted.


Due to the ongoing situation and continuing uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak Truro Running Club have taken the difficult decision to cancel the Truro Half Marathon which was due to run on 20th September 2020.

Thanks for your understanding, we look forward to welcoming you all back next year to race on the provisional date of 19th September 2021 - to be confirmed by CRRRG.

Coronavirus – An update from the Chairman

You will be aware that England Athletics (EA) advice since mid-March was that all face-to-face activity such as club training sessions, events, competitions, club committee and face-to-face meetings, athlete camps, running groups and social events should be suspended

This was what led to my message of 17th March which effectively brought a halt to all ECH activities.

As the government gradually amends its advice on how we are able to behave as the pandemic makes its grim progress, your thoughts you may well be turning towards running and in particular whether any club activities may resume.

Indeed EA revised their advice in line with government advice such that as of 1st June. This is the link to the full statement;

The key part as far as road running is concerned is that ‘training in a public space can take place on a one-to-five basis only (i.e. one coach and up to five athletes OR up to six athletes with no coach present)….. all must adhere to the latest social distancing guidance’.

Coaches and leaders have considered this and debated whether a return to some formalised training should be initiated along the lines described above.

While a few coaches or leaders have expressed a willingness to lead runs on the basis described, the majority view is that only a very few members would be likely to take advantage of any provision, and that the benefits would be outweighed by the difficulties and risks. Also, by needing to exercise social distancing the experience would not be particularly enjoyable.

Consequently, ECH will continue to monitor both government and EA advice and hope to be able to review this position as soon as possible, but there will still be no club activities or training for the time being.

However, do not despair! We are lucky that running is one of the things that we can still enjoy, albeit in a more solitary way. Continue to do so and we will be back.

Keep safe and best of luck


P.S. Just for the avoidance of doubt, all those who were paid up members in 2019-20 remain members, and will continue to be so. ECH as a whole is still a member of both England Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

Harrier of the Month May 2020 is.....

Oli Jones, keeping so many people going with his online exercise workouts. Keep up the good work.


Glenn Wood BSc research into connection between balance and coordination and running related injuries

Some of you may be aware that for the last 2 years I have been studying a foundation degree in Strength Conditioning & Sports Coaching, Next year I will be completing a BSc in Sports Rehabilitation with Strength & Conditioning. As part of this I will be doing a research project and I'm looking for recreational runners to take part in this study.

A study in America on basketball players found a relationship between poor balance and increased risk of ankle inversion sprains. This study is about balance and coordination and if there is a connection with running related injuries.

To be eligible for the study I would like to recruit runners with and without a history of running related injuries, you need to have been running regularly (2 or more times a week on average) for at least 2 years and between 20 and 60 years of age. It doesn't matter how fast or how far you run.

I will need no more than 30 minutes of your time and you won't be running. I will be very grateful to anyone who can take part, the more participants I can recruit, the better the study findings will be. If you would be prepared to take part in this study then please contact me by email at

Turkey Trot Cancelled

A brief email to say we have had to cancel the 2020 Summer Turkey Trot on Wednesday evening 1 July
England Athletics have just announced no competition until 30 June at the earliest. In addition the race HQ at Trickys would not be available in the foreseeable future.
Let's hope for some events before the end of the summer.
All the best


'JIM'S PLANK OFF' Not asking for money but hoping you will join this wonderful Facebook Group set up for Jim McDonough who, 3 years ago, was diagnosed with Ataxia which upsets his coordination and balance. he's a fantastic guy, excellent former athlete, a brilliant coach, so caring and considerate. Despite his illness, he's still passionate about sport and although limited in what training he can now do, he set himself his own challenge of a Plank Off even though getting into the proper plank position is a massive challenge for him. Lisa and I joined the Plank Challenge yesterday, The group was set up by Dave Wring, he's advised me that a recent study of 168 students that the average college-aged female has a plank time of about 1minute 30 seconds, while an average college-aged male has a plank time of around 1.46. Dave is encouraging people, no matter what their ability, to join the group, with the intention to eventually make an attempt on the current Guinness Book of Records entry of 1546 doing the plank at the same time, no matter where you're living. Once numbers are heading in this direction Dave will liaise with whoever necessary and set a date and time for the record attempt to go ahead. Join in this Sunday (3rd) at 9.00 a.m. Go to the Group for further details, see you there and do please spread the word. Happy planking and many thanks.