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Cornish Marathon

The Cornish Marathon is Cornwall’s only all road marathon.


It began in 1984 and originally started out from Saltash following the A38 and A390 to Lostwithiel. It started out as a wager between two organisers John Foster and Stephen Henderson that one could run faster than the other. Despite being run for charity, only 27 runners took the plunge, the winner managing 2.29 minutes and 15 secs, something to make all race winners this millenium envious. 78 runners turned out the next year and in 1987 it was handed over to East Cornwall Harriers.

Relocating to Rilla Mill in 1994, taking in much of the present route, it presented competitors with 3 miles of steady climbing from the gun. Finally changing to Pensilva, it starts from Millenium
House, a much gentler introduction to the scenic circular out and back route which takes runners along the Draynes Valley, through the ‘Poldark’ country of Bodmin Moor, past King Arthur’s legendary Dozmary Pool, Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn at Bolventor and back along the Fowey Valley, taking in a climb to Foredown between miles 24 and 25, which most runners will remember for a long time, and not just for the fabulous views !

2022 race info

Entries are now open for the 2022 event.  Visit SiEntries to enter the Cornish Marathon which will be held on November 6th 2022.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Full details on the 2022 will be released closer to the event but here are some key points.
  • This year the event will be held on the 6th of November.
  • Entries are via SiEntries, there are no entries on the day.
  • Minimum age is 18.
  • Start time is 10am.
If you would like more information please contact the race director via email here.


2019 Results

The results from the last running of the Cornish marathon.

12:47:26NICHOLAS, StuartSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3506:23.3237
22:47:51JONES, OliverEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 45-4906:24.388
32:47:57HARRIS, DeanChineham Park Running ClubMale under 3506:24.5350
43:02:12STEVENS, PaulSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 40-4406:57.125
53:02:33FITZE, SimonErme Valley HarriersMale Vet 40-4406:57.9472
63:04:02JEFFERY, AlanMale Vet 45-4907:01.3394
73:06:02KELLY, RobertOkehampton RCMale Vet 35-3907:05.9462
83:06:18FULLER, StephenHayle RunnersMale Vet 50-5407:06.5130
93:07:43HAM, RichardTeam H RC PlymouthMale under 3507:09.7279
103:08:29ADAMS, TimSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 45-4907:11.5315
113:08:51STACEY, DougEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 40-4407:12.3437
123:10:12COLLIER, RobertAxe Valley RunnersMale Vet 45-4907:15.4333
133:10:47PEYTON-JONES, AlexPlymouth HarriersMale Vet 35-3907:16.814
143:12:23TWIGGS, TimMounts Bay HarriersMale Vet 50-5407:20.468
153:14:29TREGONNING, DavidSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3507:25.2328
163:15:49BIRD, Jamie100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 50-5407:28.363
173:16:00CARR, JamesMale Vet 35-3907:28.7266
183:16:02HARVEY, DarrenEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 40-4407:28.8351
193:18:23PHILP, DavidEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5907:34.2193
203:18:50ROBINSON, JoanneLooe PioneersFemale Vet 40-4407:35.2388
213:18:50CLEMENTS, EdMinster MilersMale Vet 40-4407:35.2334
223:19:00PRYER, OllieMale under 3507:35.6294
233:19:24STANDING, RobTruro Running ClubMale Vet 45-4907:36.5181
243:21:07MURRIN, TommyMale Vet 35-3907:40.4461
253:21:29WARD, MattMale Vet 45-4907:41.3231
263:21:39MUNN, PatrickEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5907:41.6161
273:22:46BOUMPHREY, StephenMale Vet 45-4907:44.2360
283:25:26CLARKE, PeterTamar TrottersMale Vet 40-4407:50.3284
293:26:36MATTHEWS, RossMale Vet 40-4407:53.0323
303:27:25KEY, AndrewCarn RunnersMale under 3507:54.9242
313:29:46VOADEN, RogerOkehampton RCMale Vet 50-5408:00.2301
323:29:46HARRIS, JoshLonely Goats RCMale Vet 45-4908:00.2378
333:30:02JACKSON, MatthewMale under 3508:00.8434
343:30:17BRADLEY, MatthewTeam H RC PlymouthMale Vet 45-4908:01.4327
353:30:48PRICE, GarethLonely Goats RCMale Vet 45-4908:02.6344
363:30:59WHERRY, AlanSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 50-5408:03.0305
373:31:05WILLIAMS, GaryLooe PioneersMale Vet 35-3908:03.2240
383:31:20PEDRICK, RichardSouth West Road RunnerMale under 3508:03.870
393:31:30BRETTLE, KevinYeovil Town RRCMale Vet 45-4908:04.2423
403:31:30PIKE, MarkYeovil Town RRCMale Vet 45-4908:04.2121
413:31:57HERBERT, LeePlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 40-4408:05.259
423:32:17WATSON, RobinFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 55-5908:06.0224
433:32:46MANCER, JezSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 45-4908:07.174
443:32:57CARDEW, BarrieCarn RunnersMale Vet 60-6408:07.5243
453:33:13NICHOLLS, DanSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3508:08.1267
463:33:49KINGSLEY, GeorgeKings Heath Running ClubMale under 3508:09.5244
473:34:03KENDALL, CarlySt Austell Running ClubFemale under 3508:10.0280
483:34:11GREER, MikeSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 35-3908:10.3306
493:34:14KNIGHT, MarkPB Running ClubMale Vet 45-4908:10.5158
503:34:53BRAY, DanielSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 35-3908:11.9246
513:35:27ULLMAN, ChrisEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 45-4908:13.2424
523:35:37MARTIN, StuartMale Vet 45-4908:13.6296
533:35:45PATTERSON, KayeEast Cornwall HarriersFemale under 3508:13.92
543:36:01TUCKER, SteveMud Crew Trail RunnersMale Vet 35-3908:14.5182
553:36:16BREMNER, JaneTamar TrottersFemale Vet 60-6408:15.1451
563:37:06TAMBLING, LeeSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 35-3908:17.0220
573:37:18EVANS, JulianFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 45-4908:17.5111
583:37:57SPENCER, JulianTruro Running ClubMale Vet 50-5408:19.0302
593:38:00RICHARDS, StuartCornwall ACMale Vet 40-4408:19.1326
603:38:07BLIGHT, JamesTamar TrottersMale Vet 35-3908:19.347
613:39:04WHITE, LisaFemale Vet 35-3908:21.5310
623:39:10CORY, DaveWells City HarriersMale Vet 50-5408:21.8218
633:39:39SCHUMANN, LyalMale Vet 40-4408:22.9470
643:39:43MCDIARMID, JamesElements Tri ClubMale Vet 50-5408:23.0120
653:40:20WILSON, TristanMale Vet 35-3908:24.4155
663:40:39WALDRON, AlisonFemale Vet 45-4908:25.2391
673:41:09MEYERS, TomMale under 3508:26.3321
683:41:28BRASSINGTON, ArunMale under 3508:27.0139
693:41:41ELDON, JonCarn RunnersMale Vet 55-5908:27.5401
703:43:15ROY, DianeEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 55-5908:31.1297
713:43:41MILES, Carl100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 40-4408:32.1363
723:44:15MARSHALL, AndrewPlymouth HarriersMale Vet 55-5908:33.4364
733:44:22JONES, StephenTruro Running ClubMale Vet 35-3908:33.7216
743:44:24KIRK, IanIvanhoe RunnersMale Vet 45-4908:33.7436
753:44:27FAITHFULL, MarieExeter Triathlon ClubFemale under 3508:33.9431
763:45:21HOSKEN, RichardSt Austell Athletes RCMale Vet 40-4408:35.9125
773:45:51BAYES, JulyanTorbay TriMale Vet 50-5408:37.1398
783:46:20DOBSON, MarkMale Vet 35-3908:38.2335
793:46:39SHUTE, CliveEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 40-4408:38.91
803:47:12JOHNS, MattJP Fitness CornwallMale Vet 40-4408:40.1101
813:47:37KEARNS, JoeEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5908:41.1173
823:47:55FINDLAY, JamesCarn RunnersMale under 3508:41.8292
833:49:02TUPHOLME, SteveHolmes Pierrepoint RCMale Vet 45-4908:44.328
843:49:27TIPPETTS, HannahFalmouth Road RunnersFemale under 3508:45.332
853:49:27FOY, DavidFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 45-4908:45.349
863:50:27HARTILL, GailBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4408:47.6131
873:50:44HENDERSON, MathewSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3508:48.252
883:50:44COLLINS, JoannaSt Austell Running ClubFemale under 3508:48.2408
893:51:00ALLBUTT, GaryPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 50-5408:48.8420
903:51:08LANGSTAFF, EmmaLooe PioneersFemale Vet 40-4408:49.2385
913:51:57ANGOVE, PaulMounts Bay HarriersMale Vet 50-5408:51.0271
923:52:10ZINN, SimonMale Vet 35-3908:51.5215
933:52:52JOHNSON, PaulSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3508:53.1319
943:53:39BATHE, ColinTruro Running ClubMale Vet 45-4908:54.9348
953:53:54MARKS, StacieSt Austell Running ClubFemale under 3508:55.5309
963:54:04WHITTAKER, NicholasNewquay Road RunnersMale Vet 50-5408:55.9400
973:54:37FIELDER, GaryBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 35-3908:57.1330
983:55:02JEFFREY-JONES, MoniqueBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 45-4908:58.1112
993:55:43HICKEY, JimMale under 3508:59.6299
1003:56:06CHASE, AndySt Austell Running ClubMale under 3509:00.573
1013:56:13GENGE, BernardChard Road RunnersMale Vet 55-5909:00.8311
1023:56:14BALDWIN, KatiePlymouth MusketeersFemale under 3509:00.8214
1033:56:31LAWRY, RossSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 40-4409:01.542
1043:56:32WHITE, SamuelTamar Trail RunnersMale Vet 35-3909:01.5403
1053:56:44HUTT, JamesYeovil Town RRCMale Vet 35-3909:02.0304
1063:56:50FRITH, JulieEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 40-4409:02.2390
1073:57:03ELLIS, AndrewHayle RunnersMale Vet 45-4909:02.766
1083:57:39ELVIDGE, ColinMale Vet 45-4909:04.1285
1093:57:41HEWITT, AmandaCornwall ACFemale Vet 45-4909:04.1146
1103:57:43WINFIELD, ClaireLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 50-5409:04.2260
1113:58:25HELSON, NeilMale Vet 45-4909:05.8123
1123:58:34SPENCER, ChrisMale Vet 55-5909:06.2367
1133:58:35WALLIS, RachelJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4409:06.2100
1143:58:40POULTNEY, MelissaHayle RunnersFemale Vet 35-3909:06.461
1153:58:40MITCHELL, DebbieHayle RunnersFemale Vet 40-4409:06.410
1163:59:12HOLCOMBE, KateFemale Vet 45-4909:07.6222
1173:59:12MAHOOD, RachelFemale Vet 35-3909:07.6107
1183:59:23MATTHEWS, LeilaPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 40-4409:08.0339
1193:59:36LEE, JodieFemale Vet 35-3909:08.5448
1204:00:09WOODHALL, LucyFemale Vet 35-3909:09.8165
1214:00:09HOULTON, AdamMale Vet 40-4409:09.824
1224:00:12TURNER, MurrayBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 45-4909:09.9189
1234:00:55LANGTHORNE, TackashmahFemale under 3509:11.6208
1244:01:02BUSCOMBE, RossSt Austell Running ClubMale under 3509:11.8307
1254:01:32TREBILCOCK, LizTruro Running ClubFemale Vet 50-5409:13.099
1264:01:32TREBILCOCK, MarkCornwall ACMale Vet 55-5909:13.0143
1274:02:09ALSOP, DougSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 70-7409:14.4226
1284:02:20WILLIAMS, AmyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 35-3909:14.8187
1294:02:25BEES, AndyPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 35-3909:15.058
1304:02:43SHARPLES, PaulTeignbridge TrottersMale Vet 60-6409:15.7338
1314:03:04WALPOLE, JanPlymouth Tri ClubFemale Vet 45-4909:16.5274
1324:03:25DAVIES, HelenBys Vyken Race TeamFemale Vet 40-4409:17.3365
1334:03:34DAW, SharonEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 50-5409:17.6134
1344:03:44BENNETT, PaulPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 50-5409:18.056
1354:04:00BURMAN, Debbie100 Marathon ClubFemale Vet 35-3909:18.6445
1364:04:31PEARCE, HannahFemale Vet 40-4409:19.8160
1374:04:35BULLOCK, KatieNewquay Road RunnersFemale under 3509:19.994
1384:04:51MACLAREN, SteveHayle RunnersMale Vet 50-5409:20.6453
1394:06:43MEDHURST, JimBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 40-4409:24.8118
1404:07:17HEWITT, SamanthaLonely Goats RCFemale Vet 40-4409:26.1293
1414:07:42ALLEN, PeterNewquay Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6409:27.1346
1424:09:03GERRARD, CorinneHayle RunnersFemale Vet 45-4909:30.2287
1434:09:03BURNS, JuliaHayle RunnersFemale Vet 50-5409:30.2239
1444:09:06ARGUE, TanyaBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 45-4909:30.3336
1454:09:37RAYNER, HelenFemale under 3509:31.5471
1464:09:55BUNTING, ColinTamar TrottersMale Vet 50-5409:32.2248
1474:09:56CROCKER, CharlotteFemale Vet 50-5409:32.2273
1484:10:21PULLEN, MarshMale Vet 35-3909:33.226
1494:10:42SLEEP, SallyFemale Vet 35-3909:34.012
1504:10:42MAHOOD, GeorgeMale Vet 35-3909:34.0109
1514:11:11WATTS, ShaunFremington TrailblazersMale Vet 45-4909:35.1355
1524:11:39CASEY, GarethMale Vet 40-4409:36.1192
1534:12:15TAYLOR, RuthBideford AACFemale Vet 45-4909:37.5475
1544:12:15MURRAY, JamesBideford AACMale Vet 45-4909:37.5402
1554:12:31MILLS, JennyLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 65-6909:38.1428
1564:12:42CATNACH, AlisonLooe PioneersFemale Vet 40-4409:38.5383
1574:12:51COLE, AndyMale Vet 70-7409:38.9122
1584:13:06HARP, ChantalFemale Vet 35-3909:39.4217
1594:13:13MCFADZEAN, JeanetteFemale Vet 45-4909:39.7450
1604:13:31WILSHER, RachaelBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 55-5909:40.4153
1614:13:41BIGNELL, DanielTeam H RC PlymouthMale under 3509:40.8199
1624:13:54PALMER, BrendanStorm Running PlymouthMale Vet 40-4409:41.3389
1634:14:00KELLETT, StanleyPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4909:41.5421
1644:14:26GREEN, A M SPoole HarriersMale under 3509:42.5441
1654:14:35TREGENZA, MarkSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 45-4909:42.8142
1664:14:46MOORE, AndyHayle RunnersMale Vet 60-6409:43.3300
1674:15:05BOYT, ClaireFemale Vet 40-4409:44.0184
1684:15:06MATTHEWS, NickMale under 3509:44.0320
1694:15:22WOODWARD, KieranPlymouth MusketeersMale under 3509:44.6124
1704:15:45SHARPLES, SharonTeignbridge TrottersFemale Vet 50-5409:45.5177
1714:16:23FROWEN, AdrianSandy Lane RunnersMale Vet 50-5409:47.087
1724:16:43LEACH, BenMale Vet 40-4409:47.7221
1734:16:47WARNE, HannahFemale under 3509:47.917
1744:16:56POPE, GaryPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4909:48.2366
1754:17:11KNOWLES, HelenHayle RunnersFemale Vet 40-4409:48.8241
1764:17:22HILL, MatthewMale Vet 45-4909:49.230
1774:17:48GUY, JamesLDWAMale Vet 75-7909:50.2295
1784:17:49BOWERS, KarinaSt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 35-3909:50.257
1794:17:53TAPSELL, JoBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 45-4909:50.4322
1804:18:13TOMLINSON, MatthewPoole ACMale Vet 45-4909:51.2172
1814:19:03SMITH, LeanneSt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 35-3909:53.1314
1824:19:05MASTERS, PaulChard Road RunnersMale Vet 55-5909:53.135
1834:19:58SMITH, AndrewSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 40-4409:55.2313
1844:20:00FINNIMORE, CliveLooe PioneersMale Vet 40-4409:55.286
1854:20:06JOHNS, PhilipHayle RunnersMale under 3509:55.516
1864:20:07MARSLAND, LouiseTamar TrottersFemale Vet 35-3909:55.536
1874:20:17GRAVES, LesNewquay Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6409:55.9233
1884:20:32IRWIN, MikeMale Vet 50-5409:56.548
1894:20:37WILLIAMS, SuzanneJP Fitness CornwallFemale under 3509:56.7230
1904:21:08ARTHUR, NigelEgdon Heath HarriersMale Vet 65-6909:57.8156
1914:22:04CHALLIS, EmmaCats ProtectionFemale Vet 45-4910:00.027
1924:22:07KING, KevinHayle RunnersMale Vet 55-5910:00.1191
1934:22:16WARNER, MandyFemale Vet 45-4910:00.4449
1944:22:58GILBERT, CaraFemale Vet 40-4410:02.0136
1954:23:50TAPP, SaraFemale Vet 45-4910:04.0435
1964:23:50PROWSE, KirstyDevon & Somerset Fire & Rescue ServiceFemale under 3510:04.0228
1974:23:52JAMESON, DavidMale Vet 60-6410:04.172
1984:24:07CROCK, AndyDawlish CoastersMale Vet 60-6410:04.7356
1994:24:11WHIPP, ChrisPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 50-5410:04.8347
2004:24:17LOCKYER, JamesEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 60-6410:05.1415
2014:24:27PLUMBLEY, JoanneThornbury Running ClubFemale Vet 40-4410:05.4358
2024:24:40ROWLAND, RosinaThornbury Running ClubFemale Vet 55-5910:05.9359
2034:25:00WILLIAMS, LeeSt Austell Athletes RCMale Vet 40-4410:06.7212
2044:25:00BICKLE, Andrew100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 60-6410:06.7211
2054:25:17HAWCROFT, GarethPlymouth HarriersMale Vet 40-4410:07.3405
2064:25:21BRANDWOOD, SarahMile HighFemale Vet 40-4410:07.57
2074:25:50WIDDICOMBE, GraydonTeignbridge TrottersMale Vet 40-4410:08.645
2084:26:05VAUGHNLEY, CraigEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 45-4910:09.25
2094:27:07PHILLIPS, MattSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 50-5410:11.5399
2104:27:37WATSON, JanetFalmouth Road RunnersFemale Vet 65-6910:12.7259
2114:29:02BRIGGS, JamieHyde Village StridersMale under 3510:15.9286
2124:29:25HALL, PeterRunning Forever RCMale Vet 60-6410:16.8440
2134:30:00GREGORY, AmyNewquay Road RunnersFemale under 3510:18.1232
2144:30:15LUSCOMBE, SteveMale Vet 45-4910:18.7337
2154:31:03VARE, GemmaBodmin Road RunnersFemale under 3510:20.592
2164:31:03STEDMAN, Jane100 Marathon ClubFemale Vet 55-5910:20.569
2174:31:32LOCK, ZoeHayle RunnersFemale Vet 35-3910:21.7349
2184:31:41CASAVIEILLE-LACAZE, SarahFemale Vet 40-4410:22.0276
2194:31:48BATEMAN, RebeccaBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4410:22.382
2204:31:48REED, MichaelBodmin Road RunnersMale Vet 50-5410:22.3392
2214:31:48COX, SarahBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 35-3910:22.3102
2224:31:55KINSELLA, SharonJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4410:22.576
2234:31:56GOY, LucyJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4410:22.6429
2244:32:07BURROWS, BenMale under 3510:23.0404
2254:32:33GOODRIGHT, RayEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 70-7410:24.050
2264:33:57YEOMAN, JamesMale Vet 40-4410:27.2255
2274:34:31EMBURY, AndrewMale Vet 50-5410:28.5377
2284:34:33QUEEN, StuartPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4910:28.6368
2294:34:42APPLETON, JaneSt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 35-3910:28.9329
2304:34:42STEPHENS, JanePB Running ClubFemale Vet 50-5410:28.960
2314:35:23KERR, AngelaAxe Valley RunnersFemale Vet 60-6410:30.5372
2324:36:48RENDLE, KeiraFemale Vet 35-3910:33.739
2334:37:23BOSUSTOW, JohnJP Fitness CornwallMale Vet 40-4410:35.038
2344:37:24BILLS, KellyCarn RunnersFemale Vet 40-4410:35.1145
2354:38:11MOORE, DanielMale under 3510:36.997
2364:38:40BARRIBALL, JulieLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 50-5410:38.0446
2374:39:13BRAY, GennaraSt Austell Running ClubFemale under 3510:39.2169
2384:39:14HILL, CharlieMale Vet 35-3910:39.3308
2394:39:55BONNEY, AdamMale under 3510:40.8414
2404:40:00SAUNTER, JennyBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 50-5410:41.0171
2414:40:20PAYNE, HollySt Austell Running ClubFemale under 3510:41.8374
2424:40:20HARPER, KevanMale Vet 35-3910:41.8375
2434:40:20HILL, NickMale Vet 35-3910:41.8298
2444:40:52STANLEY, KarenFemale Vet 40-4410:43.0167
2454:42:44STEVENSON, HelenBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 35-3910:47.384
2464:43:05ROWE, KerriBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 35-3910:48.1116
2474:43:05VOSPER, NicolaBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 55-5910:48.1115
2484:43:09YOUNG, RachaelEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 45-4910:48.2361
2494:43:35BUNDAY, SimonDawlish CoastersMale Vet 55-5910:49.237
2504:44:06WILCOX, DavidTruro Running ClubMale Vet 40-4410:50.423
2514:44:17LEA, AlexPlymouth MusketeersMale under 3510:50.890
2524:44:17ROBSON, AmyBad Boy RunningFemale under 3510:50.8229
2534:44:23TAYLOR, SueCarn RunnersFemale Vet 65-6910:51.1250
2544:44:27STRANG, ClareBeckingham RCFemale Vet 50-5410:51.2103
2554:44:29BUSE, ZoeBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 45-4910:51.3179
2564:45:07BROWN, AdrianLaunceston Road RunnersMale Vet 40-4410:52.8144
2574:45:07ROBERTS, MaryLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 45-4910:52.8332
2584:45:12FORSTER, EmmaPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 45-4910:52.915
2594:45:12JEFFORD, PeterPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4910:52.9126
2604:45:17YOUNGMAN, PaulPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 55-5910:53.1117
2614:46:03BARLOW, ClaireBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4410:54.996
2624:47:06WISNER, KathSt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 45-4910:57.3432
2634:47:06WISNER, JohnSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 45-4910:57.3433
2644:47:10TREMLETT, SueTeignbridge TrottersFemale Vet 55-5910:57.422
2654:48:05POWELL, ArleneTamar TrottersFemale Vet 35-3910:59.5468
2664:48:20WILSON, TimJP Fitness CornwallMale Vet 35-3911:00.1256
2674:48:38MCALLISTER, StevenDunstable RRMale Vet 35-3911:00.8137
2684:50:15BAXTER, HelenChard Road RunnersFemale Vet 50-5411:04.5135
2694:50:35GREEN, Allan100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 65-6911:05.3282
2704:50:42BIRD, David100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 60-6411:05.5152
2714:51:26MARTIN, SamanthaPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 45-4911:07.220
2724:51:26MARTIN, GaryPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4911:07.218
2734:51:44IVERSON, AlistairJP Fitness CornwallMale Vet 35-3911:07.989
2744:52:34MAY, GregCarn RunnersMale Vet 35-3911:09.8430
2754:52:41COLLINS, MartinExmouth HarriersMale Vet 50-5411:10.1150
2764:52:44JACKSON, Steven100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 55-5911:10.277
2774:52:49PENDLETON, SueCallington Running GroupFemale Vet 35-3911:10.446
2784:53:15WALSH, SteveEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 50-5411:11.4289
2794:53:27HARRIS, SarahLonely Goats RCFemale Vet 35-3911:11.8474
2804:53:56CARTER, AnnaNewquay Road RunnersFemale under 3511:12.9269
2814:54:07NORTON, MichaelLangport RunnersMale Vet 45-4911:13.498
2824:54:20HELLER, SteveMale Vet 35-3911:13.931
2834:54:22OLDHAM, LucyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 40-4411:13.9194
2844:54:23GIBSONS, RebekahFemale under 3511:14.0318
2854:54:36OSWALD, GaryLooe PioneersMale Vet 65-6911:14.5207
2864:55:08HAM, NeilCornwall ACMale Vet 50-5411:15.7325
2874:55:17NICKEL, LisaTamar Trail RunnersFemale Vet 40-4411:16.0324
2884:56:20GAY, JackieLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 50-5411:18.4106
2894:56:20SHIPTON, JasonLaunceston Road RunnersMale Vet 45-4911:18.491
2904:56:26MARTIN, PaulBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 55-5911:18.7249
2914:56:28MURR, RobRunning Forever RCMale Vet 60-6411:18.7386
2924:57:23ASHTON, DebbieBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 45-4911:20.8261
2934:57:23GEARING, NicolaTri Logic CornwallFemale Vet 35-3911:20.8291
2944:57:23VIGGERS, VickiePB Running ClubFemale Vet 40-4411:20.8223
2954:57:23ASHTON, PaulBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 50-5411:20.8262
2964:57:31SAUNDERS, NicholasMale Vet 35-3911:21.1288
2974:57:44GEDGE, KarenBungay Black Dog ACFemale Vet 50-5411:21.6281
2984:58:28LONG, FranHayle RunnersFemale Vet 55-5911:23.334
2994:58:34THOMPSON, PaulLonely Goats RCMale Vet 35-3911:23.5104
3004:58:35GARSIDE, JaneNewquay Road RunnersFemale Vet 50-5411:23.6235
3014:58:48FRYER, RebeccaFemale Vet 50-5411:24.1466
3025:00:55DAW, GavinSt Austell Athletes RCMale Vet 40-4411:28.9162
3035:01:16MORSELETTO, PeiroMale Vet 45-4911:29.7438
3045:01:16ARICO, SalvatoreMale Vet 50-5411:29.7439
3055:01:23RUNNER, SummerStorm Running PlymouthFemale Vet 35-3911:30.0140
3065:01:32JONES, MichelleStorm Running PlymouthFemale Vet 45-4911:30.3458
3075:02:23VOSPER, MathewPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4911:32.3411
3085:02:27NEWMAN, JamesMale under 3511:32.4219
3095:02:29HOATSON, ChloePlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 35-3911:32.5138
3105:02:29SAUNDERS, MikePlymouth MusketeersMale under 3511:32.565
3115:03:48HIRST, RachelBungay Black Dog ACFemale Vet 50-5411:35.554
3125:04:29FREEGARD, NelFemale under 3511:37.1464
3135:04:42SAUNDERS, LyndseyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 35-3911:37.66
3145:05:04DAVIES, SarahNewquay Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4411:38.4197
3155:05:12GREGORY, MichaelMale Vet 40-4411:38.7185
3165:05:28BARRY, JoanneJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4411:39.379
3175:05:28MINERS, JoJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4411:39.380
3185:05:38COPE, JackieFalmouth Road RunnersFemale Vet 60-6411:39.7263
3195:05:45STEED, SarahEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 45-4911:40.011
3205:05:47KELSEY, PaulEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 40-4411:40.1157
3215:06:42MOORE, MarieJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 45-4911:42.2447
3225:07:22LIDIARD, SandraBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 45-4911:43.7128
3235:07:22KENT, CarlyFalmouth Road RunnersFemale Vet 35-3911:43.7129
3245:08:44FRANCIS, CharlotteFemale under 3511:46.8245
3255:08:44ROWLANDS, KateFalmouth Road RunnersFemale Vet 35-3911:46.84
3265:09:08BAKER, DonnaTamar Trail RunnersFemale Vet 35-3911:47.7168
3275:09:17DA SILVA, SelinaMarverick RunnersFemale Vet 60-6411:48.183
3285:09:34HALL, SimonChard Road RunnersMale Vet 55-5911:48.7264
3295:10:07PRITCHARD, NikkiEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 35-3911:50.040
3305:10:12BENNETT, ShirleyBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 40-4411:50.2198
3315:10:44WISE, BeckyFemale Vet 35-3911:51.4278
3325:10:57HOLT, VictoriaLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 35-3911:51.9186
3335:11:11RILEY, StuartPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4911:52.4419
3345:11:30FULLER, AllanCarn RunnersMale Vet 60-6411:53.2395
3355:11:41ELLIOTT, TaniaLooe PioneersFemale Vet 45-4911:53.6147
3365:11:56LEWY, LisaTamar TrottersFemale Vet 45-4911:54.243
3375:12:00ASHE, RobinBungay Black Dog ACMale Vet 65-6911:54.3379
3385:12:14SINCLAIR, SarahPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 45-4911:54.8303
3395:12:54LOWE, WendyBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 60-6411:56.4371
3405:14:27ALSWORTH, Michael100 Marathon ClubMale Vet 65-6911:59.9127
3415:16:26CHEETHAM, LouiseTamar Trail RunnersFemale under 3512:04.5170
3425:16:49WAKE, JennaJP Fitness CornwallFemale under 3512:05.381
3435:16:49STUTELEY, RebeccaJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 35-3912:05.3397
3445:16:49BUA-ROBERTS, VanessaJP Fitness CornwallFemale under 3512:05.3406
3455:17:33DICKINSON, LauraFemale Vet 35-3912:07.0175
3465:18:45STEED, RebeccaFemale Vet 35-3912:09.867
3475:20:15RICHARDS, KarenJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 45-4912:13.2425
3485:21:12BOLITHO, JulieMounts Bay HarriersFemale Vet 50-5412:15.4265
3495:21:32TORRES, MickLooe PioneersMale Vet 55-5912:16.1272
3505:21:45RAIKER, DianaFalmouth Road RunnersFemale under 3512:16.6163
3515:23:32BRUMHEAD, KellyPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 40-4412:20.7113
3525:23:33O'CONNELL, HeatherPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 35-3912:20.7110
3535:23:34REAN, AndyPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4912:20.8114
3545:23:38DUNN, VickiPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 35-3912:20.9119
3555:23:49KING, LouisePlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 50-5412:21.43
3565:23:55THOMAS, OwainPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 40-4412:21.6159
3575:23:59KING, BryanPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 65-6912:21.79
3585:25:06GAMBLE, FionaHayle RunnersFemale under 3512:24.3270
3595:27:25BARNES, JohnLiton Road RunnersMale Vet 55-5912:29.653
3605:27:31ROBERTS, NigelFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 35-3912:29.8206
3615:27:41FOSTER, AlistairMale Vet 45-4912:30.2190
3625:30:00PUTNA, AlexEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 45-4912:35.5290
3635:33:33TAPHOUSE, LesleyBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 55-5912:43.68
3645:33:36HICKS, SabrinaBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4412:43.8382
3655:33:55READ, NickMale Vet 35-3912:44.5151
3665:33:55TIPPETT, SarahTamar TrottersFemale Vet 45-4912:44.5357
3675:33:55MULVIHILL, LornaPlymouth StridersFemale under 3512:44.5238
3685:39:17MURRAY, PatrickMale Vet 45-4912:56.8268
3695:40:25RALLS, DavidSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 65-6912:59.4384
3705:42:53WESTBROOK, KateFemale Vet 35-3913:05.0141
3715:44:17WILLCOCKS, BobFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6413:08.2236
3725:45:57MAYCOX, ZoeLowenek RunnersFemale Vet 50-5413:12.0343
3735:46:32HAMBLEY, SharonBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 50-5413:13.419
3745:47:08STERRY, MartinGreenbow RCMale Vet 40-4413:14.7183
3755:49:20MILSOM, PaulMale Vet 35-3913:19.829
3765:49:20TWIGGE, GarethMale under 3513:19.8253
3775:54:25LAURIER, PhillipLowestoft Road RunnersMale Vet 65-6913:31.421
3785:58:32LIMA, ThiagoMale Vet 35-3913:40.8456
3795:59:00RYAN, KarenTamar TrottersFemale Vet 40-4413:41.9376
3806:02:32SYKES, SueJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 55-5913:50.0416
3816:02:32ORCHARD, StaceyJP Fitness CornwallFemale under 3513:50.0417
3826:02:32WILLIAMS, EmmaJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 35-3913:50.0407
3836:02:32PETT, JaneJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 40-4413:50.064
3846:02:32WILLIAMS, WendyJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 55-5913:50.0418
3856:02:32DUTCHAK, HannahJP Fitness CornwallFemale under 3513:50.078
3866:02:32MCKINLEY, GlennieJP Fitness CornwallFemale Vet 50-5413:50.0422
3876:09:38HARTE-LATREMOILLE, SamanthaBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 40-4414:06.385
3886:09:52HIRST, TimBungay Black Dog ACMale Vet 75-7914:06.855
3896:09:52ELLIOTT, AndrewLooe PioneersMale Vet 50-5414:06.8149
3906:37:15SEABROOK, PatriciaFinch CoastersFemale Vet 75+15:09.5277