You will be aware that normally, as a member club of UK Athletics, ECH are eligible for place(s) in the London Marathon which we then allocate via a draw to members who were unsuccessful in the overall ballot.Unfortunately this year, London Marathon have said ;”In 2021… a record number of places were not used and rolled over to 2022. This, together with the number of places allocated to 2022 from the cancelled 2020 event, means we must take steps to reduce the number of entries for the 2022 TCS London Marathon so the new maximum capacity of 50,000 finishers is not exceeded.Accordingly, clubs ….. will not be offered any additional places. In 2023 we hope to return to the previous system for allocating club places”.This is very disappointing, but don’t forget, our own Cornish Marathon, a much better race takes place around the same time, so your training won’t be wasted !