C25K – (COUCH TO 5k)

Last week saw the start of another couch to 5k training programme with the Wednesday evening group.

On Saturday there was another chance for new members to get a taste of what is in store with an extra session at Siblyback Lake. Well done to Charlotte, Michella and Kym.


The sixth race in the Cornish Grand Prix running series and the third time it took place at Trevornick as a 10k race.

It was a multi terrain race starting from the grounds of Trevornick Holiday park, near to Holywell Bay and moving out across fields and undulating sandy pathways. The first mile was relatively flat and hard ground but as you moved into the undulating fields and winding pathways it required more consentration on where you were placing your feet and avoiding the rabbit holes.

The views across the headland were stunning if you got a chance to lift your head to look and the sound of sheep bleating at one point was quite deafening.

Fortunately the weather was kind, the rain held off during the race and although it was quite grey it was good running conditions. As you made your way around the headland it was then back on to the outward track for the last two miles home where the crowd gathered and cheered everyone as they crossed the finish line.

East Cornwall Harriers were very well represented in this race with 18 members completing the course in a field of 434 finishers.

Official times are shown below for all of our excellent runners.

PlaceBibNameAG Chip Time 
25390Liam GallantryMale 20-34 0:39:32 
46182Cadan CrowleMale 20-34 0:41:50 
72258Arron CrowleMale 20-34 0:45:07 
86251Sharon DawFemale 55-59 0:46:13 
90544Hannah MatthewsFemale 35-39 0:46:48 
93179Revis CrowleFemale 60-64 0:46:57 
250164Gail CoryFemale 50-54 0:58:51 
251358Ian SavigarMale 55-59 0:59:11 
253487Dawn DiproseFemale 55-59 0:59:01 
272137Judy GluyasFemale 55-59 1:00:48 
288204Sarah SteedFemale 45-49 1:01:33 
293466Jeanette TurpinFemale 45-49 1:02:35 
308213Dave LeanMale 60-64 1:03:54 
30987Nikki PritchardFemale 40-44 1:04:01 
324492Ray GoodrightMale 75-79 1:05:35 
332240Julie HoganFemale 55-59 1:06:18 
33781Mary MullarkeyFemale 70-74 1:06:55 
379206Samantha HunkinFemale 50-54 1:12:27 

Huge congratulations to Liam Gallantry who was the first Harrier home in a very good time and 25th position overall, Caden and Aaron Crowle being second and third respectively.

Sharon Daw led our ladies home with another impressive time closely followed by an equally impressive Hannah Matthews and Revis Crowle.

It was a great event to take part in and I thoroughly enjoyed the buzz of the day, catching up with fellow runners and seeing all of the participants from the various clubs.

Newquay Road Runners did a great job of hosting the race.