The day finally arrived and what a day it was.

A total of 298 runners made it around a tough and challenging course in sunshine, wind and rain.

18 Harriers participated in the event and many others helped make it such a success by carrying out supporting duties making a tremendous club effort.

There was an exciting finish to the race with two runners breaking away and staying in touch right to the end. No 470 – Pere Capdevila (male 40-45) was first to cross the line in a time of 2:44:56, closely followed by Steve Reynolds No 348 from Truro running club (male 35-39) in 2:44:59

The first Harrier to cross the line was No.308 Simon Morse in a great time of 2:55:44, placing Simon in 7th place overall and the first under 35.

Patrick Munn was our second runner to complete the race in a time of 3:38:48, placing him a very respectable 52nd position and second in his age group (60-64)

Number 290 Hannah Matthews was our first female to complete the race in a fantastic time of 3:39:12, placing 55th overall, placing her 3rd in her age group and the 5th overall female.

Diane Roy was our 4th Harrier (our second female) in a time of 3:47:25

Sharon Daw was 5th Harrier (our third female) in a time of 4:04:09

Kaye Patterson was 6th Harrier in a time of 4:09:09

Marc Doyle and Clive Shute came in as our joint 3rd males in a time of 4:13:01

Other Harriers did fantastically well and completed the course including:-

Meeta Nicholls  – 4:21:06

Alison O’Hara – 4:36:20

Sarah McDonough – 4:36:19

Craig Vaughnley – 4:36:20

John Sudell – 4:38:01

Gail Cory – 4:40:48

Nick Page – 4:42:48

Sarah Steed – 5:01:32

Jeanette Turpin – 5:01:33

and a super supporting effort from our sweeper Lucy Oldham ensuring no one got left behind in a time of 6:27:06