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Trepolpen Seythin

Trepolpen Seythin 10k is a tough offroad race made up of village (Tre), coast (Pol) and hills (Pen) run at the Seaton Countryside Park.

2022 race info

The race starts and finishes in Seaton, in Cornish this name is ‘Seythin’.

It is a challenging route with a mix of unmade paths, woodland, road (with a particularly tough ascent), lanes and a sting in the tail along the beach from Downderry. Race HQ is at the Smugglers Inn at Seaton (PL11 3JD), with Registration opening at 08:30am for a 10:30am Start. It is part of the Cornish multi-terrain series.

Free parking will available in car parks at Seaton, but as always space will be very limited so lift sharing wherever possible is strongly encouraged.


A memento will be awarded to all finishers.  The race fee is £14 (affiliated) and £16 (unaffiliated).

Entries on the day will be available if not sold out. Registration opens at 8.30am


2019 Results

10:39:38LOEWENDAHL, NickSt Austell Running ClubMale Vet 35-3906:22.6160
20:40:21WILLIAMS, JamieCity of PlymouthMale under 3506:29.5188
30:40:40STACEY, DougEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 40-4406:32.6177
40:41:48PARRY, SimonMale Vet 45-4906:43.561
50:42:23PREWETT, GeorgeTamar TrottersMale under 3506:49.1172
60:42:51RIJAARSDAM, JurrienMale under 3506:53.6180
70:43:01DAVIDSON, MarkEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 50-5406:55.2181
80:44:55HAIR, SherrieHoniton R CFemale Vet 35-3907:13.624
90:44:58MOGRIDGE, RussErme Valley HarriersMale Vet 55-5907:14.1129
100:45:06CASES, DanMale under 3507:15.4176
110:45:27CHAPMAN, MickMile HighMale Vet 55-5907:18.782
120:45:34PHILP, DavidEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5907:19.9108
130:45:39GRONWALT, IanPB Running ClubMale Vet 50-5407:20.766
140:45:57ULLMAN, ChrisEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 45-4907:23.61
150:45:58DAVIES, MattEast Cornwall HarriersMale under 3507:23.7106
160:46:47CROWLE, CadanEast Cornwall HarriersMale under 3507:31.6138
170:47:42MONTAGUE, JulianMale Vet 40-4407:40.518
180:47:44GRZENDA, MatthewPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 40-4407:40.8164
190:47:45HOLROYD, LeoIlfracombe RCMale under 3507:40.929
200:47:46CROWLE, ArronEast Cornwall HarriersMale under 3507:41.1187
210:47:54PHILP, DamianBodmin Road RunnersMale Vet 35-3907:42.4183
220:48:06NASH, JennyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 55-5907:44.386
230:48:12PATTERSON, KayeEast Cornwall HarriersFemale under 3507:45.314
240:48:26GARAGHON, JordanLooe PioneersMale under 3507:47.5170
250:49:31KEARNS, JoeEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5907:58.0145
260:49:36GIBSON, MandyLooe PioneersFemale Vet 40-4407:58.855
270:49:51GRASSAM, MarkLooe PioneersMale Vet 45-4908:01.2110
280:49:58LEA, AlexPlymouth MusketeersMale under 3508:02.388
290:50:09THRIFT, LaurieEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 65-6908:04.15
300:50:22DOWRICK, BeverleyPlymstock Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4408:06.2134
310:50:29NICHOLLS, MartinEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 45-4908:07.368
320:50:31SIMPSON, DavidMale Vet 55-5908:07.651
330:50:51ROSS, DuncanPlymouth CoastersMale Vet 40-4408:10.9171
340:51:12STACEY, HayleyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 40-4408:14.2115
350:51:18MONTAGUE, FionaTamar TrottersFemale Vet 40-4408:15.217
360:51:37ALLBUTT, GaryPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 50-5408:18.3165
370:51:54YOUNG, EmilyEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 45-4908:21.0148
380:52:04THOMAS, MarkTruro Running ClubMale Vet 45-4908:22.621
390:52:18HARTILL, GailBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 45-4908:24.974
400:52:44LONG, SimonEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 50-5408:29.0163
410:52:52EGGINTON, MichaelEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5908:30.338
420:53:00NOTTLE, ChrisEast Cornwall HarriersMale under 3508:31.6107
430:53:07FINNIMORE, CliveMale Vet 40-4408:32.7158
440:53:18MILLS, JennyLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 70-7408:34.537
450:53:18BRACE, DaniFemale under 3508:34.550
460:53:32GOUNDRY, AndrewMud Crew Trail RunnersMale Vet 50-5408:36.834
470:53:34BOARDMAN, AntonyMale Vet 45-4908:37.1105
480:53:52O'BRIEN, KateFemale under 3508:40.047
490:53:53PERSSON, AndreasMale Vet 40-4408:40.1184
500:54:11WILLIAMSON, JayMale under 3508:43.0189
510:54:17LEE, OllieMale Vet 35-3908:44.070
520:54:26WILSHER, RachaelBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 55-5908:45.5149
530:54:33MULROY, CaitlinCornwall ACFemale under 3508:46.6144
540:54:35GOODSPEED, LauraFemale under 3508:46.9179
550:54:35GOODSPEED, DavidMale under 3508:46.9178
560:54:52MITCHELL, DebbieHayle RunnersFemale Vet 40-4408:49.644
570:55:00DAVIDSON, ClaireTamar TrottersFemale Vet 50-5408:50.9175
580:55:38MERRETT, TrishHayle RunnersFemale Vet 50-5408:57.054
590:56:14GRIBBEN, LorraineFemale Vet 45-4909:02.8100
600:56:18POPE, NickLooe PioneersMale Vet 55-5909:03.5123
610:56:20CHILCOTT, IanPlymouth Coastal RunnersMale Vet 50-5409:03.8167
620:56:24LUCAS, AndrewMud Crew Trail RunnersMale Vet 50-5409:04.493
630:56:29STOBART, MatthewMale Vet 55-5909:05.287
640:56:35CUDLIPP, MarkFalmouth Road RunnersMale under 3509:06.2109
650:56:39PARRY, ScottMale Vet 45-4909:06.985
660:56:53LITTLEWOOD, LouiseEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 45-4909:09.128
670:56:59BAKER, EmmaLooe PioneersFemale Vet 45-4909:10.1174
680:57:00BALDWIN, MikeHayle RunnersMale Vet 55-5909:10.243
690:57:00MOORE, DanielMale under 3509:10.2155
700:57:05REED, MichaelBodmin Road RunnersMale Vet 50-5409:11.0168
710:57:10MOGRIDGE, KatyErme Valley HarriersFemale Vet 55-5909:11.8130
720:57:19PERRY-SMITH, HelenPlymouth CoastersFemale under 3509:13.394
730:57:22ORGAN, MichaelMale Vet 55-5909:13.8153
740:57:26KERNAGHAN, RobertCrawley Saints & Sinners RCMale Vet 45-4909:14.4111
750:57:34JAMIESON, CraigEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5909:15.7104
760:57:44ADAMS, ElaineHayle RunnersFemale Vet 40-4409:17.345
770:57:49CORK, MichaelPlymouth CoastersMale Vet 60-6409:18.1152
780:57:59WARREN, DianeHayle RunnersFemale Vet 60-6409:19.746
790:58:45MEEHAN, ShaneMale Vet 35-3909:27.180
800:59:26ANDERSON, JonMale Vet 45-4909:33.7132
810:59:33ZINN, AvrilFemale under 3509:34.957
820:59:33MUDD, CalvinMale Vet 45-4909:34.9150
830:59:35MACE, GrahameMale Vet 45-4909:35.2154
840:59:39GILBERT, CaraFemale Vet 40-4409:35.816
850:59:56BENSON, AlisonFemale Vet 55-5909:38.665
860:59:58ALEXANDER, TanyaHolbeton HarriersFemale Vet 35-3909:38.9126
871:00:00MATTHEWS, NatalieFemale Vet 35-3909:39.2182
881:00:02WARRINGTON, TrystanThe GribbinersMale Vet 40-4409:39.583
891:00:14MILLER, IainMale Vet 35-3909:41.4113
901:00:28WOOLLETT, MandyLooe PioneersFemale Vet 45-4909:43.748
911:00:53PALMER, SiobhanFemale Vet 35-3909:47.76
921:01:02WILLIAMS, NikkiLooe PioneersFemale Vet 40-4409:49.225
931:01:05HUMPHREYS, VictoriaFemale under 3509:49.7122
941:01:08LAWES, HelenLooe PioneersFemale Vet 45-4909:50.159
951:01:09PICKARD, DavidLaunceston Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6409:50.396
961:01:09PICKARD, LindaLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 55-5909:50.397
971:01:14RINGER, IanBodmin Road RunnersMale Vet 70-7409:51.115
981:01:27DREW, BarryCarn RunnersMale Vet 70-7409:53.2124
991:01:31CRAWFORD, NicholasMale Vet 50-5409:53.836
1001:01:57MERRETT, GrahamHayle RunnersMale Vet 60-6409:58.071
1011:02:16MOXHAM, RhianEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 35-3910:01.1116
1021:02:24ROBERTS, MaryLaunceston Road RunnersFemale Vet 45-4910:02.441
1031:02:26WILTON, LisaFemale Vet 40-4410:02.7185
1041:02:27WHITLEY, CarolineFemale Vet 35-3910:02.891
1051:02:39WILTON, DavidFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6410:04.8102
1061:02:45PALMER, MichaelEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 70-7410:05.74
1071:02:59DYER, DawnFemale Vet 55-5910:08.012
1081:03:02BURTOFT, JohnMale Vet 40-4410:08.5141
1091:03:05ARGUE, TanyaBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 45-4910:09.0139
1101:03:05HICKS, DerekBere Alston TrekkersMale Vet 65-6910:09.0161
1111:03:21FELDWICK, AmyFemale under 3510:11.531
1121:03:37ASHTON, DebbieBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 45-4910:14.1120
1131:03:37ASHTON, PaulTamar Trail RunnersMale Vet 50-5410:14.1143
1141:03:38WALSH, SteveEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 50-5410:14.3133
1151:03:52LUFF, AnnaTorrington AACFemale under 3510:16.5125
1161:03:52BROAD, SharonFemale under 3510:16.5131
1171:03:58ADDISON, PeterIlfracombe RCMale Vet 50-5410:17.526
1181:04:00WONES, SophieLooe PioneersFemale under 3510:17.892
1191:04:00MAYWOOD, KirstieLooe PioneersFemale Vet 50-5410:17.895
1201:04:19WHITE, LauraFemale Vet 35-3910:20.932
1211:04:24EGGINTON, LowenMale under 3510:21.719
1221:04:46THOMAS, HannahTruro Running ClubFemale Vet 45-4910:25.220
1231:05:11CHAMBERS, AnitaPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 55-5910:29.230
1241:05:32LONG, FranHayle RunnersFemale Vet 55-5910:32.6118
1251:05:34EGGINTON, LizEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 50-5410:32.939
1261:05:44BATEMAN, RebeccaBodmin Road RunnersFemale Vet 40-4410:34.5112
1271:05:46PALMER, StefanBodmin Road RunnersMale Vet 45-4910:34.9140
1281:06:12MULLARKEY, MaryEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 70-7410:39.072
1291:06:32DURRELL, KatiePlymouth CoastersFemale Vet 45-4910:42.398
1301:06:44WILLIAMSON, JodieTaunton All BlacksFemale Vet 35-3910:44.227
1311:06:55WALMSLEY, CarolineFemale Vet 35-3910:46.023
1321:07:16ELLIOTT, RachaelFemale under 3510:49.3159
1331:07:23EGGINTON, NicolaFemale under 3510:50.540
1341:07:52HARTSHORN, SuzieFemale Vet 45-4910:55.1186
1351:08:22TAMBLYN, SharonBodmin Womens RCFemale Vet 55-5911:00.081
1361:08:39BEAZLEY, SteveEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5911:02.7173
1371:09:24DEARY, JaneRame RunnersFemale Vet 55-5911:09.911
1381:09:24HARTE-LATREMOILLE, SamanthaBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 40-4411:09.9121
1391:09:33KING, RebeccaFemale Vet 45-4911:11.4146
1401:09:33WELLS, TimMale Vet 45-4911:11.4151
1411:09:42TUCKER, RebeccaFemale Vet 35-3911:12.8156
1421:09:42TUCKER, MarkMale Vet 45-4911:12.8157
1431:10:45JONAS, MichelleBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 35-3911:23.0137
1441:11:36CROWLE, KimFemale Vet 40-4411:31.277
1451:11:47ANDERSON, MandyFemale Vet 45-4911:33.0166
1461:12:16GRIBBEN, IainMale Vet 55-5911:37.6101
1471:12:25BUNT, CharlotteEast Cornwall HarriersFemale Vet 35-3911:39.1114
1481:12:54VIGG , DavidHolbeton HarriersMale Vet 45-4911:43.7127
1491:13:12LEAN, DaveEast Cornwall HarriersMale Vet 55-5911:46.642
1501:13:12KEMP, MandyLooe PioneersFemale Vet 60-6411:46.667
1511:13:52COLLERIDGE, StevenStorm Running PlymouthMale Vet 60-6411:53.173
1521:14:16DRANSFIELD, GeorgeTamar TrottersMale Vet 75-7911:56.9169
1531:15:21MARTIN, SamanthaPlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 45-4912:07.43
1541:15:21MARTIN, GaryPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 45-4912:07.42
1551:15:21KING, LouisePlymouth MusketeersFemale Vet 50-5412:07.47
1561:15:21KING, BryanPlymouth MusketeersMale Vet 65-6912:07.48
1571:19:03BOND, ZoeRock up and RunFemale Vet 40-4412:43.1128
1581:19:03CAPSTACK, PaulMale Vet 55-5912:43.1117
1591:20:59SIMMONS, RuthSt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 45-4913:01.849
1601:20:59NICHOLAS, HilarySt Austell Running ClubFemale Vet 55-5913:01.833
1611:21:46HICKS, YvonneBere Alston TrekkersFemale Vet 60-6413:09.3162
1621:25:22WRIGHT, MikeHayle RunnersMale Vet 70-7413:44.179
1631:25:22OSBORN, KathrynHayle RunnersFemale Vet 55-5913:44.178
1641:27:38GARRARD, DavidFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 70-7414:06.090
1651:27:38LAWRENCE, StevenFalmouth Road RunnersMale Vet 60-6414:06.089
1661:30:05VILES, SusieThe GribbinersFemale Vet 40-4414:29.684