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Trepolpen Seythin

Trepolpen Seythin 10k is a tough offroad race made up of village (Tre), coast (Pol) and hills (Pen) run at the Seaton Countryside Park.

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2023 race info

The race starts and finishes in Seaton, in Cornish this name is ‘Seythin’.

It is a challenging route with a mix of unmade paths, woodland, road (with a particularly tough ascent), lanes and a sting in the tail along the beach from Downderry. Race HQ is at the Smugglers Inn at Seaton (PL11 3JD), with Registration opening at 08:30am for a 10:30am Start. It is part of the Cornish multi-terrain series.

Free parking will available in car parks at Seaton, but as always space will be very limited so LIFT SHARING IS ESSENTIAL.


2022 Results

188Tim van BerkelMale 35-39Truro Running Club0:41:070:41:07
23Alex MarplesMale 40-44Truro Running Club0:41:210:41:21
384Dave HannahMale 35-39East Cornwall Harriers0:42:320:42:33
492Adrian BallMale 55-59Cornwall AC0:43:040:43:05
535Liam GallantryMale Under 35East Cornwall Harriers0:43:320:43:33
689Robert ChirgwinMale Under 35Truro Running Club0:46:570:46:58
7117Simon ParryMale 50-540:47:150:47:17
8105James TurnerMale 40-44Truro Running Club0:47:270:47:29
967Jo TempleFemale Under 35Truro Running Club0:47:350:47:36
10100Ben HardingMale 40-44East Cornwall Harriers0:47:580:47:59
11103Lucy WilliamsFemale 35-39Truro Running Club0:48:140:48:16
126Robin WatsonMale 55-59Falmouth Road Runners0:48:220:48:23
13121Matthew GrzendaMale 45-490:48:350:48:36
1485Richard ChynowethMale 40-44Truro Running Club0:48:490:48:51
1573Mike DowrickMale 45-49Cornwall AC0:48:550:48:56
1653Ian TempleMale 55-59Bodmin Road Runners0:48:550:48:58
17107Rebecca MorganFemale 40-44Truro Running Club0:49:040:49:06
1841Matt DaviesMale 35-39East Cornwall Harriers0:49:090:49:11
197Jon EldonMale 60-64Hayle Runners0:49:100:49:12
2051Sharon DawFemale 55-59East Cornwall Harriers0:49:150:49:17
21102Colin BatheMale 50-54Truro Running Club0:50:240:50:24
2277Revis CrowleFemale 60-64East Cornwall Harriers0:50:260:50:29
23106Victoria JacksonFemale 50-54Truro Running Club0:51:190:51:20
24115Helen MorseFemale 35-39East Cornwall Harriers0:51:380:51:40
2527Hannah MatthewsFemale 35-39East Cornwall Harriers0:51:480:51:49
2670Iain WalkerMale 65-69St Austell Running Club0:51:520:51:55
2715Andrew JamesMale 40-44Hayle Runners0:52:050:52:08
2895Ian GronwaltMale 55-590:52:090:52:12
2981David PhilpMale 60-64East Cornwall Harriers0:52:270:52:29
3025David SimpsonMale 60-640:52:380:52:41
3124Laura PoolFemale 40-44Truro Running Club0:52:460:52:48
32119Ollie LeeMale 40-440:54:160:54:20
3347Chris ParkerMale 50-54Falmouth Road Runners0:54:320:54:35
3454Alison TempleFemale 55-59Bodmin Road Runners0:54:480:54:51
351Peter AllenMale 60-64Newquay Road Runners0:55:140:55:17
36118Gregory MayMale 40-44Carn Runners0:55:300:55:37
37111Grahame MaceMale 45-49Looe Pioneers Running Club0:55:350:55:41
3843Susanne WoodFemale 40-44Cornwall AC0:55:580:56:02
3958Lynsey WilliamsFemale 50-54Plymouth Harriers0:56:110:56:16
4017Hayley StaceyFemale 40-44East Cornwall Harriers0:57:140:57:16
4136Peter McAugheyMale 50-54Launceston Road Runners0:57:180:57:21
4272Andrew FergusonMale 55-59Truro Running Club0:57:290:57:32
43109Dave CudbyMale 40-44Truro Running Club0:57:320:57:33
4471Jon BottrellMale 50-540:59:010:59:08
4566Thomas MooreMale 40-44Truro Running Club0:59:200:59:24
4613David WilcoxMale 45-49Truro Running Club0:59:230:59:28
4722Thomas NaylorMale Under 350:59:500:59:54
48110Sharon BroadFemale 35-390:59:550:59:59
4962Andrew SimsMale 55-59East Cornwall Harriers1:00:061:00:10
50116Mike WaldockMale 60-641:00:241:00:28
5186Miranda FlanniganFemale 50-54Cornwall AC1:00:401:00:44
52108Donal BreenMale 50-54Truro Running Club1:00:541:00:59
53112Louisa ChisholmFemale 40-44Looe Pioneers Running Club1:01:021:01:07
5449Alison WeirFemale 50-54Falmouth Road Runners1:02:131:02:17
5568Amanda NewtonFemale 45-491:02:161:02:25
5669Rebecca TuckerFemale 40-441:02:171:02:26
5720Clive DavisMale 60-641:02:241:02:30
5831Jackie CopeFemale 65-69MudCrew Running1:03:031:03:10
5974Kirsten KramersFemale Under 351:03:341:03:40
6046Karen ParkerFemale 50-54Falmouth Road Runners1:03:591:04:02
6178Jane StedmanFemale 55-59100 Marathon Club1:03:591:04:03
6216Hannah MackayFemale Under 351:04:251:04:31
635Dave PickardMale 60-64Launceston Road Runners1:05:001:05:07
644Linda PickardFemale 55-59Launceston Road Runners1:05:011:05:08
6583Michael MehtaMale 60-641:05:061:05:13
6690Helen CollettFemale 60-64Hart Road Runners1:05:391:05:46
6761Debbie BindonFemale Under 351:06:371:06:44
6860Ruth MatthewsFemale Under 351:06:361:06:44
6982Steve TregidgoMale 40-44St Austell Running Club1:06:441:06:51
7098Jan DaviesFemale 50-541:06:511:07:01
718Robert WillcocksMale 60-64Falmouth Road Runners1:07:261:07:31
7228James DanksMale 40-44Falmouth Road Runners1:08:181:08:24
7329Ian RingerMale 75-79Bodmin Road Runners1:08:391:08:43
7423John TilleyMale 70-74Bodmin Road Runners1:09:261:09:33
7552Claire BarlowFemale 45-49Bodmin Road Runners1:09:391:09:44
7621Rachael GallagherFemale Under 35Hayle Runners1:10:261:10:31
7726Holly PayneFemale 40-441:11:021:11:06
7819Emma LawryFemale 45-49St Austell Running Club1:11:151:11:23
7918Rebecca ShoreFemale 50-54St Austell Running Club1:11:411:11:49
8032Jane NaylorFemale 60-64Hayle Runners1:15:301:15:36
8133Susan ThomasFemale 45-49Hayle Runners1:17:521:18:01
8245Kathy SaundersFemale 65-69Looe Pioneers Running Club1:17:591:18:06
8397Kelly PruttonFemale 35-39Looe Pioneers Running Club1:18:261:18:32
8496Julie BolithoFemale 55-59Hayle Runners1:18:281:18:36
85114Sian JonesFemale 35-391:22:381:22:48
86113Derek BlackfordMale 50-54Maverick Runners1:22:371:22:49
8780Yvonne MatthewsFemale 55-591:24:051:24:12
8876Melissa TonkinFemale Under 35Hayle Runners1:24:351:24:45
8934Amanda MillerFemale 50-54Hayle Runners1:24:361:24:45
9044Clare RedgersFemale 45-49Hayle Runners1:24:371:24:46
9179Kathryn ThomasFemale 45-49Cornwall AC1:32:401:32:47
9212Adrian BoltMale 55-59Truro Running Club1:35:431:35:50