Sunday October 24th 2021 saw just Pat Munn and Sharon Daw make the long journey to Newport, South Wales to run the ABP marathon an all road race – described enticingly as one of Britains flattest and fastest Marathon races. As usual there is no mention that flat associated with strong wind and a helping of driving rain makes the race a very tough event. 

Notwithstanding this Pat completed the course in a more than respectable 3.38.49.

Sharon Daw now knocking off marathons on a weekly basis as she is well on her way to her new target of 500 marathons put in a very gritty performance to finish in 3.26.34 and 3rd in her age category. Running on all tarmac surfaces is not Sharon’s preferred choice but a great time in London and another follow up on tarmac again is a great result.

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